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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514
Here's what I think, now I'm just basing this on regardless of what happens in this season. I didn't want to post this until after the season.

We are guarenteed, for at least 1 more season, having the player that some consider the best player in the world on our team.

The Flyers owe it to Peter Forsberg to give it their best shot not know his fate beyond next season, whether he goes to another team here, or back to Sweden.

This means throwing caution to the wind and doing what we have to do to put the best possible team on the ice. Trading some prospects, draft picks, even players currently on our roster.

I'm not saying trade Richards and Niittymaki and Carter and Umberger (they definetaly should not and will not) and whoever else, but if we can ice a team geared toward this NHL, stay under the cap then this organization has to do it. Even if it means putting Richards and Umberger on the 4th line and keeping some guys in the AHL, that might otherwise get a shot (Downie).
They don't owe him anything really, but I understand your point. Why sign him just to hope you win the cup. They had the opportunity and they signed 2 dman who they thought would be the missing pieces. Now they are stuck near the top of the cap. They have a lot if tough decsions to make this offseason. Unless they trade one of the above who else really has trade value? They will have 5 dman under contract. Pitkannen,Gauthier will not be moved. Rathje played very well in the beginning of the year and until his injury was as advertised. He gets a pass in my book. There were evry very few complaints about him when he was healthy. Hatcher I will bet you get s knee surgery after this year so he is untradable and unless he just doesn't feel liek playing and the Flyers giev him a nice retirement package he will be back. Meyer is cheap and a depth dman. Let Kim Johnnson walk as he is damaged goods unless he signs a really cheap deal which wont happen. Desjardin will go down as one of the best Flyers defensman of all time but let him walk as well unless you can't find an upgrade over him and he takes 1mm or less.
Sami Kap, savage,Brashear(unless 500K) let walk. Radio trade for a draft pick. Nedved I would keep and get him some wingers and he would be fine. Zeus has a lot of mileage on his body and has very good trade value so no problem letting him go as long as it is a decent trade. Trade one of the goalies while they have value or get Loungho and trade both of them. Alittl long winded but what the hell.

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