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07-31-2012, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by HiddenInLight View Post
1: Leino's deal is FAR from the worst active contract in the league right now. Look at guys like DiPietro, Nash, Carter, and a few others....those are all active contracts that are worse then Leino.

2:Ehrhoff's decrease in production was expected, in case you weren't paying attention last offseason. Most players WILL have less production when switching from playing with Sedin to Roy.

3: Judging Regehr by his point production in laughable. Even a single point is gravy for a player like him. We got him for his defensive zone ability and his physicality.

4: Sometimes a young player like Myers benefits from a good benching, and considering how he played between his return and his injury, it certainly worked. Vanek and Roy have been benched in the early parts of their careers as well. IMO benching myers for that game was the second best decision Ruff made all season, following only the creation of Foligno - Ennis - Stafford as a line.
1. You think Carter's deal is worse then Leino's???

2. agreed

3. I thought Regehr's leadership intangibles was a big part of the package that did not show up.

4. i agree that Myers deserved to be benched

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