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07-31-2012, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by OpenIceHit42 View Post
Broke my AK 27 last night and won't be able to get the same model by this weekend for a tournament so I'm looking at the Bauer Nexus 600, has anyone used this stick? I'm looking at that stick because the local LHS selection of Warrior's is slim and I'm a big Warrior fan.
The Widows and Diablos should be on clearance for new sticks if you haven't picked one up already. The Nexus 600 is a little heavy but feels like it's VERY well balanced for the price point. I'm tempted but know that I need to save up for a high end stick. I also don't know about the feel.

Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
I'll be buying a new stick soon.

I'm thinking of the Warrior Dynasty and Easton S65.

Anyone have thoughts on these two? Which one has better value at retail? If I do decide on the Dynasty I may order online since Warrior ships worldwide and Easton doesn't.
The Dynasty will be a better stick as it is a legacy of the Dolomite two-piece. The S65 is more of a price point stick.

I have a Dynasty and it is actually pretty good. While it might not have the pop and feather weight of a $200 stick, the puck feel is very good, it is pretty well balanced, and it has held up pretty well. I used it a few times last year but mostly as a backup, while it has been my main stick all summer and now.

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