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Originally Posted by keppel146 View Post
thanks for the info, i am going to switch from my vapors to either the nexus or the supreme line. since i have a wide and flat foot i need some extra space. i tried skating with my dads flexlites and liked them except it seemed as if they had a narrow heel as well. i am guessing the nexus is the new flexlite?

vapor:narrow foot but wider heel?
supreme: wider foot but narrower heel?
nexus/flexlite: wider foot and narrow heel as well??

Thanks if you can respond to this at all
I'm pretty sure the Nexus replaced the Flexlite. I tried on a pair of Nexus's and felt that they were a bit too wide in the forefoot area. Go to your LHS and ask to try on both the Nexus and Supreme. I felt the Supreme to be a such a comfortable fit for my foot, but that's just me.

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