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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Let's see... inherited a team Muckler built that featured an all-world goaltender and did very little to augment the roster. They went to a Conference Finals, then a Finals, without closing the deal or improving positionally to support Hasek. Then Peca holds out and rather than make a deal at the deadline to improve his team, he waits.... and they lose in the second round where his all-world goaltender decides the lack of action from above means he wants out. And he wants out on his terms, leaving them with crap for Dom and a couple of prospects for Peca.
He added PLENTY to the Muckler team... his moves definitely assisted to the conference and cup finals:
- He added a 40 goal scorer in Geoff Sanderson
- He added a shut down defensemen in Rhett Warrener
- He added veteran depth in Stu Barnes and Joe Juneau

Come on... don't try to re-write history here.

Criticize the Peca situation... rightfully so (although, was that Darcy or Ownership?)

Similarly in '06, after taking nearly 5 years to ice a competitive team (and seemingly falling into having a small/quick team that could take advantage of post-lockout officiating and style), he sits on his hands rather than "upset the room". The lose in the CF. Next season? Team flaws are seemingly ignored much of the year and Regier can't get either of his co-caps signed due to internal policies and politics from above. They drop the CF, then steadily bleed talent.
He should've been fired, along with Ruff at the end of 04.

You can;'t blame the co-caps debacle on him, you know that.

His lack of improving the team after 06, is the BIGGEST blemish on his resume... although, they did go out and win the President's trophy

He takes a long... long... long time to act. He has shown an inability to react in-season to situations. Yes, there have been ownership constraints at times in his tenure. That doesn't change the history of him not being able to add on to a very good team to make them a champion. Hell, he's shown unwillingness/inability to make in-season adjustments simply to make a bad team better or shake an average team out of a funk when fresh bodies are clearly needed.
Easily his 2nd biggest flaw (his belief in ruff being#1)

Screw ups like the Zigomanis contract fax issue or his not understanding LTIR in '07 costing them an effective third liner in Thorburn are further lowlights.
Little tid bits like this.... are cute and all... but when you weigh the positives (acquiring Briere, Drury, Lydman, etc)... doesn't it start to even out into average?

Below average is a view you get to only if you ignore ALL the postive things he did.

I think the high end positives and high end negatives.... even out to AVERAGE.

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