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07-31-2012, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by jd2210 View Post
I think we are very slightly worse then last year but so close we will hardly notice. Losing Jagr is the only thing I think we might feel, and that is more from an example to young guys than on ice performance. The youth on this squad has me very pleased and we will be a fun (to watch) and fast team.

As has been talked about at length, we were all (mostly) in panic mode last year with wondering how to replace the offense that Richards and Carter left behind, but then guys stepped it up into increased roles and offense was not an issue at all.

This year I expect to Wellwood, Couts, Schenn, and Voracek to all have increased ice time, and fill the Jagr, JVR holes for the most part.

Leighton versus Bob won't be a diff maker I don't think. Actually out of all the guys the past 2 years Bob disappointed me the most. When I think back to his very first preseason game I remember seeing the fastest lateral moving guy we have had between the pipes in who knows how long. He was so intense and followed the puck superbly. He seemed to almost regress from that first game on. I really hope he succeeds in Columbus since he seemed like such a great kid. Maybe the change of scenery is what he needs. I am getting the feeling like we are a team that kills goalies for some reason.

That all sounds good on paper and in theory but where have the issues been addressed that caused back to back embarrassing second round exits in the playoffs?

What is being done to enable us to win low scoring, tight checking playoff style hockey. We're 0-13 the last two playoff seasons when scoring less than 4 goals. How are we gonna win a cup when we can't win low scoring, tightly contested playoff style games?

We're worse than last year and won't improve until these issues are fixed.

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