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07-31-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by llamapalooza View Post
My summer work ends on Friday and I've got a month before classes start so I might actually try and get something like a JMS Lv. 1 in there somewhere. (Still can't go backwards, so I hope that wouldn't be an issue...) But I don't actually have a #42, so I'd be that goon showing up in an NHL jersey. I think both of my dark jerseys even have names on the back, haha.
For pickup... Go with a cheap practice jersey set. White/Dark.

I just ordered the black/yellow, because I loaned my decent reversible to my neighbor and I don't want to wear the laminated hockeyfinder customs for pickup.

JMS has canceled all level 1s for the summer. There was a huge amount of drama surrounding the Friday night Level 1 game, and Barb basically took her toys and went home.

The hockeyfinder friday night game would be about your best (and possibly only) August option, at least until JMS pulls their collective heads out of their ***** and reinstates the level 1 games. Although, I've been told that I won't be "Level 1" in JMS any more... which is a /facepalm...

Skating backwards... Not necessary, really, for pickup. I can't skate backwards at all reliably and I do fine. My forward skating, agility and overall mobility make up for it. As long as I don't get stuck on D for beer league, the games go smoother. In pickup, when the opposing team has the puck and are slowly entering the zone, I will do a bit of backwards skating from a stop as my transitions from backwards to forwards are really smooth, but I'm still rough on the forwards to backwards.

My spin from going backwards to forward and then poke checking the puck away from the carrier is, and I quote: "Annoying as hell."

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