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07-31-2012, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by wiredmaverick View Post
The problem with Burke is that he built us a great team, and then steadfastly refused to address our last great issue (Cloutier). It was really frustrating that we were so close to being dominant for a couple of years, but he just wouldn't make the obvious move to put us over the hump.

But Burke gets all the credit in the world from Vancouver fans for nabbing us the Sedins.
I won't go into specifics as i don't know the roster you had at that time, but thinking back, would you have given up a top 6 winger,one of your best prospects and a 1st for a 33 year old goalie on a long term deal?

I'll take it a step further, lets say in 2005, a goalie of the same age and contract is offered, would you have sent Naslund or D.Sedin or a young Ryan Kesler in a deal to aquire said goalie?

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