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07-31-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Same thing, still no idea how a deal with Muzzin as the key piece is going to benefit Minnesota in any way.

Clutterbuck is the kind of guy, who if offered around the league would bring a very nice return. More than a 23 year old AHL d-man as the centerpiece.
While I agree that it would take allot more than just Muzzin to bring back Clutterbuck a deal based around him isn't completely out of the question. In the same way that there weren't but one or two of us who knew that A Mart was ready to step in and become what he is today there are only a handful of us here who know the same to be true about Muzzin.

An A Mart/Muzzin comparative is actually fair at this stage of their respective careers. Muzzin is not only a slightly better skater (though not as smooth in his movement/stride) than A Mart at this stage in his development but he is a good two way player. The thing that Muzzin does better than A Mart is play with an aggressive edge to his game. Given the opportunity Muzzin has the skillset to become a much better player than A Mart or Greene for that matter.

Now will Muzzin be able to translate those skills to the NHL game and then if he does will he be able to continue to develop those skills and realize his full potential of he does? That is the question.

Basing a deal around Muzzin and something else of significant need to the Wild could return us a player like Clutterbuck in the same way that a deal centered around Greene could, the difference being what has to be added to the deal to make it work.

With Muzzin it would have to be something considerable and with Greene it would be much much less if anything.

Me, I wouldn't deal Greene unless we received something truly significant in return. We just don't need to and he is not only an excellent 4/6 dman but clearly one of those guys who keeps a locker room together and that is a skill that should never be undervalued though often is.

With Muzzin, Hickey and Davis D all being NHL ready and Deslauriers, Gravel and Forbort two to three seasons away from matriculating we are overloaded with NHL caliber talent on the blue line. Add in the fact that we have Voynov, Doughty and A Mart established and having proven themselves to be keepers and we have the ability to make a move from a position of strength by providing high end D prospects in return for our own areas of need.

Like I said, I wouldn't deal Greene but I do think people around here will be surprised at how coveted several of our kids are by more than a couple of other teams around the league.

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