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07-31-2012, 01:54 PM
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I just read this list of deadline deals with the Orioles in the Angelos era. How depressing.

The Koji deal last year being the only one of any substance.

2011: Koji for Chris Davis, Tommy Hunter
2010: Tejada for Wynn Pelzer, Ohman for van den Hurk
2009: Sherrill for Steve Johnson, Josh Bell
2008: None
2007: None
2006: None
2005: Bigbie for Eric Byrnes
2004: None
2003: Ponson for Ryan Hannaman, Kurt Ainsworth, Damian Moss
2002: None
2001: Trombley for Kris Foster, Geronimo Gil
2000 (Firesale): Baines and Johnson for Jason Lakman, Juan Figueroa, Miguel Felix , Brook Fordyce
Molina and Surhoff for Trent Hubbard, Fernando Lunar, Luis Rivera
Clark for Jose Leon
Aracena for Anthony Shumaker
1999: Guzman for Jacobo Sequea, B.J. Ryan
1998: Carter, Rodriguez for Juan Guzman
1997: Bautista for Harold Baines. Johnson for Everett Stull
1996: None
1995: Buford, Ochoa for Bobby Bonilla, Jimmy Williams
1994: None

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