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So I got a call yesterday about a job opportunity. I know this sounds like I'm bragging but its not uncommon for me to get those calls once every 2 weeks or so. But when the recruiter sent me the job description, I found an interesting nugget at the end that he meant to exclude which was who the company that was hiring. Generally, the recruiters dont tell you who the company is until you are sure about it and the company wants to interview you. Long story short, apparently its for the investment company that Cliff Viner is co-founder in and it sounds like I would get the opportunity to work with him in some capacity. If something comes about because of it, I'll let everyone know but that would be a fun way to get some inside info on the Panthers huh?
Well the job came thru and I'm now working at AVM (the V is for Viner). I've seen Cliff both days I've been here and he seems like he works pretty hard. One thing I will say was during the interview process, I was asked what I thought AVM felt was the 3 most important traits for an employee there (and it was a trick question). The answer didnt surprise me at all (nor should anyone on here) which was Character, Character, Character. So when you hear Tallon saying that as well, you know this organization as a whole believes that tremendously and you will not find a player on this team that isnt a character player.

I doubt I'll get any inside info very soon but maybe I could get some upgrades on my season tics I attached a screenshot of an email I received today just for proof in case anyone cares.

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