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04-24-2006, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by The Real
Why do you want to talk about our hometown? Seriously Philadelphia, although bigger, has shortcomings too. Why is it then when your sports teams fail you look to another way to attack? For god sakes, in Buffalo we missed the Playoffs for 5 years in hockey and 6(and counting) in football. We've suffered, believe me/ It's childish, and it makes the fan base look silly.

You guys knew you had big slow defensemen, they were abused all year long under the new rules. Any team that had speed simply went around the flyers. You couldn't have expected more from players that are all stereotypical 'stay at home' defensemen.

The Sabres have incredible team speed and the Flyers just can't keep pace. Sitting Brashear to play another goon isn't going to make a difference in the world. The only thing that would help is if all of your players are healthy and unfortunately that isn't going to happen. I'd love to see a series where everyone on the Flyers was healthy because the complexion of the game would be much much different.

Esche had an epiphany game and you all knew he wasn't going to do that the whole series. You also knew that you weren't going to keep the #3 pp in the league down either. Just as Sabres fans know they can't keep the Forsberg line down. All of these flagrant attacks by Flyer's fans is just silly.

You guys are getting beat soundly by a better team. Like if the Eagles played the Bills. They'd get beat by better team. Be a grown up and deal with it. Don't look for the cheapshots you really don't understand anyways. Seriously, have fun with the series and be happy you are even IN the playoffs.

If the Sabres lose this series most fans would be hurt but we wouldn't attack your homes. We'd give praise to Forsberg and Gagne and move on. It's a sport and it's for fun. Why get personal about something that is supposed to be fun that you AREN'T even playing in?

Lighten up a little. Series shifts to Philadelphia and I imagined the Fly boys are pumped. You should be too.


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