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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Go play football and then tell me a lineman is not an athlete. Yeah, a lot of them are fat, but they need that weight. Same with sumo wrestlers. They are great athletes who eat specifically to put on weight. There's a big difference between fat and out of shape.
I played football at Milton College and a linemen is not an athlete. My teammates admitted it. They threw up if the coach made them run 100 yards. They and their wives are struggling with serious health related issues from gaining 100 extra pounds that their bodies were not meant to carry. I'll pm you their info if you'd like to tell them that heart problems and knee replacements are a good thing. I'm not kidding. What Canadian college or university did you play American football at?

Sumo wrestlers can't even wipe their own butts. They have to have people do it for them. Seriously, look it up and the life expectancy of a sumo wrestler while you're at it. Admire them if you want to, but I don't. My friend Rob was a 2 time NCAA champ in wrestling and you think a sumo is as good an athlete as him, an Olympic champion, or someone like Bobby Orr? I disagree.

Retired NFL Linemen at Greater Risk than non- linemen for Cardiovascular Disease ... and obstructive sleep apnea assessments to detect cardiovascular health problems ...

Retired NFL players' arteries may not be so healthy | Reuters
[Mar 16, 2010] ... on the field, retired National Football League players may be facing the same health problems ... told Reuters Health. Two years ago, he found that retired linemen ... - Cached
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Health News: Many Ex-NFL Linemen at Risk for Heart Disease
MONDAY, June 5 (HealthDay News) -- Fifty percent of retired National Football League linemen have ... that increasing your weight to play a sport can lead to health problems

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