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07-31-2012, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
Yeah I was happy to see this. Aside from Vera, a case could be made for any of the other three guys being the most deserving of the next title shot, and if the UFC doesn't feel Gustafsson is ready then I'm ok with whoever wins most convincingly getting the next opportunity. Only problem is it's going to be much easier for Shogun to get a decisive finish than either of the other two IMO. I can see where the UFC is in a bit of a difficult predicament though as there's not a clear top contender, so at least this way they can point to an impressive win when building the rematch with Jones.
As of right now Shogun has the edge because Vera is such a wild card at this point. Machida/Bader is a bit more even but I still give Machida the edge due to his diverse striking and he has a good ground game. Bader is a big and powerful athlete with heavy hands and good wrestling but I think he will struggle getting and keeping Machida contained.

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