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Originally Posted by Prussian_Blue View Post
Why, exactly?

Because Alexei Shkotov and Konstantin Zakharov bailed for Russia after half a season -- six or seven years ago?

The last Russian to come over and go to Peoria -- Nikolai Lemtyugov -- played two full seasons there before deciding that the Blues didn't seem to have any long-term plans for him.

Nikita Nikitin got sent down during his first year in North America, and he didn't give up and skedaddle back to Mother Russia, either.

Maybe, just maybe, the Blues have turned the corner as a franchise, and thus have become a more attractive destination for Europeans.

Teams like Detroit and Dallas seem to have little trouble getting their Euro draftees to stay here after they come over, and it's likely because Detroit and Dallas are considered perennial contenders (although the Stars have been less than, well, stellar recently) and players know they have to pay their dues to get in on that kind of a situation.

Maybe the Blues are finally moving into that territory as well...
My comment isn't directed at the Blues and Euro prospects. It was based on 1) Andronov is not under contract and Blues have only 1 open at this point 2) comments made that he may be offered only an AHL deal which means $125K or so and no call-ups 3) no talks with the Blues before announcement he's coming to NA, ie is he really commited to making NHL?

So a lot depends on the contract he gets and where he'd be on the depth chart. Best case would likely be a Nikitin-like situation with a 2-way contract and first on the call-up list. I could see him staying then.

In the KHL, he could make more money, pay lower taxes, play in home country and in familiar league. Peoria could only offer more ice time and thousands of available super models (neither guaranteed, void in Illinois)

Regarding Lemty, I like him but he actually only played 27 games in that second season before leaving. Again, don't blame him as it looked like the Blues were not going to give him a call-up and other prospects were passing him up.

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