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This is for all those still trying to undermine Andrei by holding fast to that psuedo-mafia connection:

Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
The police were investigating people in and involved with the mafia IIRC. They had all sorts of evidence including recordings of phone conversations. During their investigation, they discovered that some of those phone calls had taken place between Mangiola (some low level guy trying to get involved with the mafia) and Akost, SKost and Hamrlik. The police reviewed those calls and did some investigation and found that while the 3 Habs had spoken to this guy and hung out with him in public, none of the players had spoken about or done anything illegal and that the calls were all of a social nature (not sure that is the term the police used but it was along those lines).

The press then picked the story up and ran with it, with someone on TV (RDS I think) getting highly upset when talking about it and calling it the darkest day in the history of the franchise (hence the 'darkest day' tag now used around that story). Lots of other people found very high horses and mounted them as quickly as possible and the story turned into creative broadcasting exercise with people claiming things such as 'the FBI were waiting for the Habs to arrive at the airport' after their game against the Pens that night to arrest certain players.

The media interest in the story was so strong, with so many claims thrown back and forth that a few weeks later, someone in the police investigation noted that after the story broke, they rechecked their evidence to make sure they hadn't missed anything in case the media had picked up on something they'd missed. Having rechecked their evidence, they discovered that they were right the first time and that they had no evidence that any of the players had done anything illegal.

Technically, they were linked to someone the police were investigating who did have ties to the mafia, but the connection between that person and the 3 players was purely social according to the evidence the police had.

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