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12-03-2003, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by navigator
i like your idea, and i think its definitely worth discussion, but if incentives are the engine driving players' take home earnings, then you're basing an awful lot on statistics. i mean, what if joe schmoe knows he gets another million if he can net that 30th goal, and he's nearly got it, so starting around game 75 his passing disappears? and how do you pay for intangibles? pretty tough to have a "lockerroom presence" clause. team goals could be good, though, like if the winner of the stanley cup wins a cash prize to split among the team.

bottom line, however, is that the guys who put up the best numbers aren't necessarily the ones who should be earning the most.
true true... that's one thing i forgot about when typing this up... same thing was brought up last time... it'd be a stretch, but i think if something like u said could be worked out as incentives, as far as the locker room presence clause goes... i'd say it's pretty easy to figure out who the big leaders r in the locker rooms and i'd say that'd be factored into the base salary, i like the idea of the team goals .... the basis of my idea stems from the outrageous contracts of yashin/jagr and the overpaid role players ... for example devereaux .... hasn't lived up to his 1.4 mil salary last year then this year although showing good signs now, i still am leery of giving him 1.6 mil...but hopefully he proves me wrong this year and shows he deserves what he's making

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