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07-31-2012, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post's very common for there to be quotas re the number of competitors a country can enter in an event (in fact, I can't off the top of my head think of any events that does not have a limit). Even sports where there are many finalists (such as figure skating or skiing) caps the number of entries from a country...the result of that will be that there are athletes from "stronger" countries who do not make an event, notwithstanding the fact they likely would have had better results than an athlete from a "weaker" country who gets to participate.
I know with figure skating there is a formula to determine whether a country can have 2 or 3 individual skaters based on a team's performance at the World Championships. If a country has 1 skater and the skater finishes in the top 10, they get 2 at the next Worlds or Olympics depending on if it's an Olympic year. If they have 2, your skaters combined placement has to be 13th (like 4th and 5th would give you combined 9th) or less and then you get 3 for the next event. A rule like that makes a bit more sense than the blanket only 2 athletes per country rule. Sports tends to be cyclical with some years a country having a better team than others. So in years where countries have stronger teams, they can have more representatives, while the weaker countries still get some representation.

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