Thread: Confirmed with Link: JVR traded to Toronto for Luke Schenn
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07-31-2012, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
He may have vision problems... but cannot be blind in one eye, in the medical or legal sense, and still play in the NHL. There is a strict requirement of 20/400 for each individual eye, which while bad vision, with a contact would be rendered normal. There is also an eye test in the draft, and a standard sports medical, so if the NHL, teams, staff etc know about it, it is not a problem.

You cannot have no vision in one eye and play in the NHL, case in point being Malhotra and Berard before surgery.

Also David-Alexandre Beauregard, though many NHL teams wanted him, they could not sign him as he had no vision in one eye, incidently, even with this setback, he was still a PPG or more player in every league he ever played in. Greg Neeld was another such case.
I guess it comes down to what definition of 'blindness' one is using because, in North America, 20/200 is 'legally blind'. To your point above, though, 20/200 vision can easily be corrected by a contact lens.

I deride your truth handling abilities
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