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12-03-2003, 02:56 AM
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Here comes the break down of our Wingers...

Left Wing:

38 J. Bulis: Excellent all-around game, speed, mixed with good offence. Very defensively responsible. Makes him a good gamer and a for sure keeper! (core)

81 M. Hossa: Loads of potential... He also could have a future as a 2nd line center. Has not proven anything on the major stage yet... He is in the core mainly because of the teams lack of players with his talents of versatility, and potential... But also could be had for a good price... (core)

15 D. Langdon: Good enforcer. Best days are behind him and only truly has a few years of effectiveness left. Considered a good locker room guyand should be around for a bit. (gone)

32 G. Dwyer: AHL/ECHL talent enforcer with a noticeable glass jaw. Has potential to turn it around, but I am doubtful (gone)

-- T. Plekanek: Has shown some great skills in the 'A'... Will he bring it to the next level (the NHL) with him??? Has the potential to be core, but for now... He remains unresolved (N/A)

26 S. Blouin: I don't think this guy has any future here. (gone)

-- P. Dagenais: Young journeyman. Could have the potential to turn it around... His limitations leave him on the fence... For now. There is simply not enough games he has played in our organization by him to make a definate call. (on the fence)

-- Jerome Marois: I don't think so... Very long shot to make any future impact. (gone)

-- A. Kastsitsyn: The flat out BEST chance in the organization to be the # 1 forward we are looking for. (core)

-- M. Lambert: He has played excellent this year! I certainly did not expect it after a mediocre camp. Kudos must be given.... The depth chart certainly gets more interesting with him moving up it. (N/A)

-- D. Stewart: Time will ultimately tell if he is a bonafide talent or a re-hash of 1980's leaf, Rob Pearson. (N/A)

-- K. Staal: It is looking less and less bleak if he will ever cross the pond. Plays a game we need (Tomas Holmstrom type). I for one would like to see if his game could work here. (N/A)

-- J. Eneqvist: He I'm afraid is never going to make an impact on this squad... He IMHO is already gone. (gone)

-- J. Bonneau: Long way from the NHL... However, he may be here by the end of Langdon's run as a hab. (N/A).

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