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07-31-2012, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
Yup, we are so easy to play against that we lost every single game this season, no one ever laid anybody out, and nobody fought anyone after a cheap shot. We are such a lousy team that everyone pads their stats against us, the world is coming to an end because Bowman didn't get a 3rd line scrub for 5mil.

You people aren't Hawk fans no matter how much you claim you are. Go cheer for the BJ's, or Leafs, they are much tougher than Chicago.

You know posts fail when real NHLers say its tough to play against the Hawks because they are a GOOD TEAM. You guys are ridiculous.
Yeah we aren't Hawks fans because we demand our team actually try to improve and aren't happy with a team that just get's into the play-offs.

You guys are the REAL FANS! happy with a team that isn't good enough to win a Cup but better then half the league so they get into the play-offs. Happy with a GM that has done nothing to improve a team that has gone out of the first round the last 2 years and happy that his team do nothing and just hope to win.

Oh you guys are the true definition of a fans.

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