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I started a new WWF file with 1991 rosters earlier today.

I immediately signed Cactus Jack, The Great Muta, and Owen Hart. All 3 of which will be pushed.

Also getting pushes: Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels, who I created and named the first ever WWF Television Champion.

My main feuds which are building up to Summerslam:

Randy Savage/Jake Roberts
Hulk Hogan/Rick Rude (in which I plan to put Rude over, but Hogan will likely refuse, and his morale will go wayy down, so not sure what to do)
Bret Hart/Ted DiBiase

Other feuds:

Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty
Mr. Perfect/Texas Tornado

I'm booking Cactus Jack as a lunatic. On separate episodes of Prime Time Wrestling, Wrestling Challenge and Superstars I've had him attack Jack Tunney, Andre The Giant (both authority figures) and a referee. I'm going to keep booking him crazy, until I can find a meaningful feud for him in which he would go over. Thinking Jake Roberts after his program with Savage.

I was scouting the Dynamite Kid, but WCW scooped him up. I'm not too concerned about them at this point though. My Wrestling Challenge show goes head to head every Saturday night with their main show in prime time, and while they only average ratings in the 3.25 area, I'm consistently hitting high 5's. For instance, this week I drew a 5.90 (last week was 5.89) and they drew a 3.27.

I have a pretty high talent budget, so if I start losing money and go in the negatives, I'll likely take out a loan and release about 10-15 talents. I don't really need guys like Kato and Tanaka (The Orient Express) eating up a combined $170,000 per month..

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