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Ron Andrews

Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
When your first example has already been debunked, you aren't allowed to dodge the question and then refer to "another example".

Even in this example, you haven't demonstrated yet that it matters.
The two main objections Ron Andrews ran into when he introduced the various changes and methodology to NHL statistics were sharing internal knowledge which the press and fans were anxious to have and the importance of the new methodology. The newspapers wanted it both ways. They wanted the data but were unwilling to dedicate the extra space to report the knowledge as part of the stats package.

Most evident was the reluctance of newspapers to publish proper box scores including shots on goal, assists as awarded - 1st and 2nd. Games played were viewed as insignificant until the forties. Today minutes and seconds matter.

The purpose of this thread is to perpetuate the spirit and methodology that Ron Andrews brought to NHL statistics.

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