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Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
Thats a very underrated aspect of the rebuilding process.
In order to be in a position to rebuild, not only you need to be a bad team, but you need to reach a point of no-return, point you reached because of bad management.

If you are doing a decent, not even good, but decent job, you wont end up in such a situation because the league is engineered to allow as many teams as possible to be as competitive as possible at the same time. Well, during the last 2 seasons, thats not as true as it was, but its still an important factor.

The point is, teams are not rebuilding because they chose to (i already said this several times anyway, but i feel its the right time to say it again)? And whats the point in a rebuild anyway ?

Collecting several top-5 picks ?
Teams with more than 2 top-5 picks are poorly managed and are not going to move up in the standings as long as the staff doesnt change. If the staff is gone, have to look even higher, and thats not a good thing.
When we look at the teams with several high picks, they were all pushed there by poor management.

Chicago was badly managed. Pittsburgh was out of money. LA and Washington both used to have horribly old teams that ran out of energy.

Posterboys of why the bad management of a team create a false opinion.
If Milbury isnt an idiot and dont give away the first players they had in that list of mistakes, they dont end up with the latter ones, because they would have improved their situation.
The team would have made some progress, and the latest mistakes are never made. Because they never have the chance, in that scenario, of having that many great players.

Could it be that the Pens won the Cup because Bylsma was a great coach? And could it be that LA turned their season around because of a coaching change in the middle of the season?

That is amazing. We should start a thread on the importance of having a great coach.

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