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07-31-2012, 08:23 PM
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Geronimo Gil! Man, that's a name. The thing with most of those trades is pretty much other than Sherrill, most were crap for crap. they weren't giving up a ton, and they weren't getting much back. o's haven't really ever sold the farm or traded out an all star. The Molina and Surhoff trade was trading with the Braves, and everyone knows how that worked out back then when the Braves were the smart guys in the room.

ha. the hold up in the Blanton deal was the O's refusing to pay most of the 3 million he's owed.

Angelos needs to go. He's like Castro.

I'm sorry, but you don't sell Machado either. For pretty much anything. They need more prospects with his ceiling, not less.

They're also not going to spend in the offseason, and that's ok. Keep what you've got. Maybe move Wieters on next deadline for parts if he's unable to find out how to hit. You can't really go for it until Bundy's here, and a pitcher or two turn out better.

I might have actually sold some parts, though, that's a hard sell to a team and fanbase that's been awful for so long.

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