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Originally Posted by wheelz87 View Post
Nobody wants 4 first line wingers. Is it too much to ask though for 2 first line wingers? When you have the 2 best centers in the world, you cater to them. You build your team around them. You throw them a bone and give them talent to play alongside them, so that they themselves can reach their full potential as well.

We are in a unique position that we probably never will be in again.. He'll NO team may ever be. Having 2 centers that not only are going down as 2 of the best in team history, but may in league history as well. 2 kids basically the same age coming up together that need a little help. Outside of Sid and Geno putting the team on their back our Cup year, we would have nothing to show for all that talent.

Kunitz and Dupuis are fine top 6 third wheels.. We get Crosbys Neal and this team is that much more dynamic. Unbeatable, perhaps. But until then, we're simply a team ignoring our strengths and wasting prime years of our 2 superstars.
Those two generational talents also come at a price. About 9 mil a year each. There has only been so much money to go around all this time. Especially when so much was also being doled out to Staal, Orpik, Fleury, Martin, etc. Do you really think Shero hasn't been trying to get the best winger he could for his star centers while also keeping the rest of the team balanced? I mean christ he's already traded for a young 40 goal winger and locked him up to a bargain contract. This offseason he threw a ton of money at Parise, was rumored to be in the running for Nash and has made a solid offer to Doan. I'm not sure what it is people want him to do.

But the bigger question for me is, why is this such a pressing concern? I mean is this about winning games or is it about Crosby/Malkin winning scoring titles? The Pens haven't exactly struggled to score goals. I have no idea how, somewhere between the loss to Philly and now, people came to the conclusion that the team desperately needs more scoring. I mean was I watching the same series as everyone else?

Offensively, what we lost in Staal and Sullivan will more than be made up for by Crosby and Sutter. I'd be willing to bet quite a lot that if this team has trouble winning games this season, it'll have very little to do with our offense.

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