Thread: Speculation: Dion Phaneuf's next contract?
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07-31-2012, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
Here are your advanced stats:

Quality of Competition
1. Phaneuf: 0.090
2. Gunnarsson: 0.071
3. Komisarek: -0.017
4. Schenn: -0.023
5. Liles: -0.024
6. Gardiner: -0.027
7. Franson: -0.031

Goals Against Per 60 Mins (Even Strength)
1. Gunnarsson: 2.48
2. Franson: 2.58
3. Phaneuf: 2.80
4. Liles: 2.84
5. Gardiner: 2.99
T-6. Schenn: 3.18
T-6. Komi: 3.18

Goals Against Per 60 Mins (Penalty Kill)
1. Gardiner: 6.11
2. Phaneuf: 7.05
3. Komisarek: 7.41
4. Gunnarsson: 7.56
5. Schenn: 8.34
6. Liles:12.27
7. Franson: 29.03

And lastly, among all defencemen in the NHL who played more than 70 games last season, Phaneuf was third in terms of Quality of Competition. He faced tougher competition than Chara, Girardi, Lidstrom, Timonen, Keith, Weber, and Suter to name a few.

Within the same group of 70GP+ d-men (98 in total) his Relative Corsi Quality of Competition was eighth.

So what do you pay a defenceman who plays the third most difficult minutes in the league and also manages to end up twelfth in scoring among d-men? A sizeable amount.
Well done. It was obvious to most watching him play last year what his value is and what he means to the team; your information only solidifies what should have been obvious in the begining. Curious to see the haters responses.

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