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Originally Posted by wheelz87 View Post
Its not about scoring goals.. Yes of course that's going to happen if we get -insert top 6 winger for Crosby- but it's more than that. Look at Philly, they destroyed us because of possession. Every time they took it into our zone, they were making stuff happen. Blame it on our D or tip your cap to their skilled forwards. I'm going with the latter. Why was Giroux ungodly that series? Because it was either he beats you, or Briere does. Or Voracek. Or Hartnell. Or Couturier. Or Read/Schenn/Jagr/Simmonds/JVR..

All of those players can beat you. They are skilled. I love Dupuis, one of my favorites. And he's good for 20 in the regular season. but who isn't playing with Sid? Sully was a nice player but he's too small for playoff hockey. Dupuis and Sullivan arent able/skilled enough to cycle for 25-30 seconds with Sid and to get a few shots on net. it's enter the zone, Sid gives a drop pass to Dups and there's our slapper. If it doesn't go in, that's our possession.

We were hemmed in the whole damn series against Philly. Time to reverse the roles. Get some skill into the lineup. Honest question, besides the big 3 forwards, do you think any of the others are above average in SKILLS? Not in terms of hockey players, but just pure talent. I don't think so, and at some point that catches up to you.
Dupuis was good for 20 this season and that was without Crosby. But regardless of that, the fact remains that wanting something and actually making it happen are two different things. You can list off the Flyers forwards all you want, but at the end of the day, none of them are close to Crosby/Malkin's level and only one of them is clearly better than Neal. The point being that our "top forwards" are above every other teams' "top forwards" by a decent margin. That changes the way our team is built.

I do agree that we could use some quality forwards. Puck possession is important, but as Ogrezilla said, guys that bring size and grit are just as important right now. Guys that are defensively responsible. Making this team difficult to play against again should be priority number one. But let's be honest, finding wingers who are good defensively, physical and offensively gifted enough to keep up with Crosby is a pretty tough task. And prying one away from another team is even tougher.

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