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07-31-2012, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Oak View Post
Ya the Flexlites fit well in the width dept but they might be a tiny bit big on me. Sitting down I can feel the tip of the boot but if I lock my heel in or stand up there is space. I'd say it would be a pinky thickness of room between my big toe and tip of boot. Is that ok? I'm not sure if you should always be able to graze the tip.

What are you planning on doing in NYC? Anything cool?
Well the toe barely grazing is the definition of a perfect adult fit, but there will always be people who prefer a bit of extra room or a bit less room. As long as you get good heel lock, than that extra bit of room shouldn't be a huge issue as your foot is secure.

Just a general family vacation, but I want to focus on the food myself. A good way to feel the vibe of a city is through the food imo. Any recommendations? Thanks for asking.

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