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Originally Posted by Dr Beinfest View Post
'LOL'. Look at what the poster above me said. Bjugstad is the Panthers top prospect going into next season, assuming Huberdeau will be an NHLer. Dale Tallon and all the fans are very high on him. Unless the Panthers are receiving close to what they expect Nick Bjugstad to be in the future, they are not moving Nick Bjugstad. Period.

And even past your ignorant comment, no. Even value-wise, the Panthers would not be sending back Weiss, Gudbranson, and Bjugstad for Luongo and a 1C. Because the equivalent of what you're saying there is that the Panthers trade their 1C and future 1D for a better 1C. No thank you. Move along.
great keep collecting prospects then! Never have a team that actually has those kind of players, but have the potential to be! Where has that led soo many teams besides the Penguins? Islanders? Still waiting for all their prospects who were supposed to be top centers winger/defenders all to pan out because almost all have busted compared to what was expected. Wheres Atlanta? Oh they went bankrupt because none of their prospects developed even though all highly touted. Wheres Carolina? Colorado? Columbus? Tampa Bay? Toronto? Even Florida would still be bottom feeders had they not gone out and signed half of the best UFAs of 2011.

yes because all prospects turn out exactly like projected. The Canucks would be taking a huge gamble not to mention making Florida instant contenders while taking themselves down a notch.

Future 1C who may never even reach the NHL >>> current 1C dominating the league great logic. In that case we'll give u Jordan Schroeder for Weiss. Weiss is a 2C and Schoreder was projected to be a 1/2C

If a team wants a top 1C like u asked for in-return for Bjustad, the price is going to be hefty. 1C's with the skills u have asked for are rare, so why exactly would the cost be less than for a guy who may MAY one day if they count their lucky stars become as good as the one their trading or better, and a good young defender who looks like he could become a top defender?

have fun banking on potential that is rarely realized unless ur a top 5 pick even in todays NHL. The only teams that had that pay off were Pittsburgh (obvious since they got 2 guys who were touted as the next set of players to dominate like Lemieux/Gretzkys) Washington (Ovechkin; see Pittsburgh) and Tampa Bay (Stamkos; touted to be best player available in a draft since those 3). Look through any other draft class over the last decade, almost all of those players did not realize the potential they were said to have or exceed it save maybe 15-30 other guys.

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