Thread: Speculation: Reality about Goalkeeping.
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07-31-2012, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by beauchamp View Post
1. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. No shame in admitting it.

2. I'm not a Leafs fan, but a Habs fan who simply is trying his best to preserve his fragile illusions that the vast majority of Habs fans are intelligent, civilized, rational people, and thus is never visiting the Habs Board.

3. I've got a brother who's a Leafs fan (black sheep of the family), another who's a Hawks fan (he was 10 when they won their next to last Cup), and I love talking about hockey. The Leafs board is interesting.

4. One of my four sisters became a Wings fan when the Habs traded the love of her life (Mickey Redmond) to them.
Explains alot; carry on.

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