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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Well the toe barely grazing is the definition of a perfect adult fit, but there will always be people who prefer a bit of extra room or a bit less room. As long as you get good heel lock, than that extra bit of room shouldn't be a huge issue as your foot is secure.

Just a general family vacation, but I want to focus on the food myself. A good way to feel the vibe of a city is through the food imo. Any recommendations? Thanks for asking.
at the risk of taking this too far off topic, i couldn't agree more.
as far as what to eat, it really depends on your taste. the most obvious choice would be to get some pizza. my favorite is brooklyn style, more specifically grimaldi's in brooklyn heights...chances are though, you're only gonna be in manhattan. if that's the case, then my favorites are lombardi's roughly in little italy, john's on 44th st. and angelo's on 55th st. near columbus circle.

any other suggestions, feel free to pm.

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