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Originally Posted by TheSniper26 View Post
Dupuis was good for 20 this season and that was without Crosby. But regardless of that, the fact remains that wanting something and actually making it happen are two different things. You can list off the Flyers forwards all you want, but at the end of the day, none of them are close to Crosby/Malkin's level and only one of them is clearly better than Neal. The point being that our "top forwards" are above every other teams' "top forwards" by a decent margin. That changes the way our team is built.

I do agree that we could use some quality forwards. Puck possession is important, but as Ogrezilla said, guys that bring size and grit are just as important right now. Guys that are defensively responsible. Making this team difficult to play against again should be priority number one. But let's be honest, finding wingers who are good defensively, physical and offensively gifted enough to keep up with Crosby is a pretty tough task. And prying one away from another team is even tougher.
The fact is, Sid and Malkin play on separate lines. You key in on one of them and make the others beat you. Obvious strategy. With Sid playing by himself, you make Dupuis beat you. Or Kunitz. Other teams will take that ALL DAY. Geno finally has Neal, and IMO, Neal was the 2nd best Penguin in that series behind Staal. Why? Because they had to cover Geno! With the Flyers, you can't key in on one. They all have the talent to beat you.

Listen.. I'm not trying to build a lineup identical to Philly.. but the fact remains they are one of the best, if not the best, in the East. You have to go through them to be the best. And right now, they are better. 7 game series against them, they will take it. And don't take this another way, I know its July 31st. I'm just saying as of right now, we have 10 million in cap space. It sucks we weren't able to make a splash. I'm not here blaming that on Shero. I want the Pens to win it all as much as anyone. But after going through years and years of Satan, Fedotenko, Sullivan, Armstrong, Hilbert, Ouellet, TK, Cooke, Poni.. I just feel this team would be just something else if we added skill to the lineup rather than grit, and hockey sense, and toughness. Let some of that slip to the third line.

IMO, our best team in the Crosby/Malkin era was the team that lost to the Wings. We had EVERYTHING that year. Hossa-Sid-Dups, Sykora-Malkin-Malone, Cooke-Staal-TK. PERFECT. That's how a team is built. That team would have won most years, they were simply a bit young to and played a disgusting Red Wings team. That series easily could have gone our way if not for the ******** goals they scored early in that series. I just want something similar to that. A little skill helping Sid and Geno.

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