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Originally Posted by Dr Beinfest View Post
Keep collecting prospects? Do you know how silly you sound? You're the one wanting Bjugstad and a 1st for Luongo. That's two prospects. Keep collecting prospects! The point behind having a large pool of prospects is that not all of them pan out. The more you have (assuming you're not poorly drafting them), the more that will pan out. Florida has no reason to give away their best center, especially considering they're weak at that position and have been for some time.

Where has this lead many teams? That a serious question? What do the Detroit Red Wings do? What did the Los Angeles Kings do? St. Louis Blues? The foundations for a team are built from within. Free agency is obviously used as well, but more to fill in holes and to compliment what you've already got.

'Half of the best UFAs' is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? I'm sure you don't actually. Signing quantity does not imply signing quality. They put together a good team after dumping an entire roster of players the season before. There was lots of cap space and lots of room. They were only able to sign so many players because they in fact DID stock up on picks/prospects.

Bud, you suggested the Panthers would have to trade all of Bjugstad, Weiss, and Gudbranson for Luongo and a 1C. This isn't 'trading a future 1C for a current, dominating 1C'. This is trading a 1C, a future 1C, and a 1D for a starting goalie and a 1C. Which, by deduction here is trading a future 1C and a 1D for a goalie. Yes, I understand Weiss isn't really a great 1C, but the point here being that your proposals are moronic at best.

You think I'm asking for a 1C in return for Bjugstad? You need to read properly what I've written. I merely suggested that he's unmoveable unless it's a steal. We'd rather take the 'risk' on a player who has a ceiling to be a 1C than to move him, so unless it's a steal or a highly significant move, he's not going to be moved. End of story. Why don't you understand that? Why are you putting words into my mouth and twisting what I've said?
I never asked for that. I know thats a rip off for Floria, hell I think just Bjustad would be a rip off for Florida. I said its silly of the poster to ask for a legitmate 1C with the traits he listed + Luongo for Bjustad. I simply said for those 2 assets it would cost a hell of a lot more than Bjustad, and then went on to say it would cost him, Guds and Weiss.

The poster then went on to explain how Bjustad + Weiss + Gudbranson have more value than the elite type of 1C and Luongo he was asking for (who would be on the level of Stamkos/Malkin/Crosby with the traits wanted but since Cancuks have only Sedin and Kesler we'll go with them) because Weiss can fill in now while Bjustad will be just as good as a Henrik Sedin/Kesler in the future as if it is a sure bet when its not even close to being one

Also yea Detroit has and recently St.Louis (although who knows if its just good coaching as their goalies put up un-realistic numbers, something the coach is known to do for goalies). But Detroit has traded some of their top prospects to build their core when they were getting those kind of pieces back. Matthias was a top prospect for them I believe and they traded him for Bertuzzi. Teams that build those kind of prospect pulls know they have to trade some good ones to get better current pieces. They know they still have enough young players/prospects to more than make up for the loss

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