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07-31-2012, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuckles37 View Post
There is more to making a great team than acquiring good players. Something just as important is keeping those players signed on the team while staying under the salary cap.

Anywho, I think there was a time when Luongo to Toronto was a possibility, but I think that boat has sailed.
In my mind, Luongo is going to Florida. His family is there, and Tallon has shown continued interest in acquiring Roberto.
The thing is, all the newsless updateless rabblerabblerabble in here has precisely diddly-squat to do with the actual GMs and the teams. Nobody has any idea what's really going on behind the scenes; for all we know Luongo will be packing his bags for Toronto tomorrow. Just because all of us can't agree on an appropriate price or trading partner doesn't mean the guys who actually control that stuff can't. All we've ever heard is media speculation on what the possible return MG is asking for. Oh, this guy on 1040 said this, this other guy in Toronto said that, this blogger over there who painted his walls with all the windows closed an hour ago said the other thing...blah blah blah freakin blah. Sure, we're all sick and bloody tired of it (at least I am, anyway...) but the real negotiations may have yet to even begin.

Not saying, just saying.

FYI H.Sedin R.Kesler M.Malholtra C.Higgins M.Lapierre prospects J.Schroeder B.Guance are all centers, so why do we even need a center unless he has size and grit? Unless we trade a center or 2 with Lu in what ever deal is made i dont see why would need another we have 7 centers as it is. J.Schroeder is looking like he will make the roster this year and B.Guance did well at the prospects camp he could make the team too.
Higgins is not a centre, Kesler is on the mend from yet another surgery, Malhotra is a shadow of his former self after his eye injury, and there's no guarantee Schreoder and Gaunce will be viable NHLers in the near future. Okay, with Kesler hurt to start the year, Schroeder has an gift-wrapped opportunity to make the big team and show what he can do but like I said there's no guarantee he's stick. It's not like he's some surefire incandescent star like Kadri who's a lock for 50 goals or anything.

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