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Originally Posted by CPrice 31 View Post
I'm having a ton of fun with the current day rosters in EWR.

I just finished Hell in a Cell, and so far, all three of my PPVs (SummerSlam, Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell) have gotten 92%, 89% and 92% ratings respectively.

At SummerSlam, my plans for Punk/Cena to go long-term were foiled when I booked the both of them in a barbed wire match for the WWE Championship (upped the risk level to 100% for the PPV, lost my sponsors but got them back), and Cena tore his triceps in the match. The Rock also broke his leg without even wrestling a match, so I'm just going to assume he ****ed up a stunt in a movie for game purposes.

I continued Triple H/Brock Lesnar all the way to Hell in a Cell and tied CM Punk into the story as well, as I put Heyman, Lesnar, Punk and Big Show together to form a faction against Triple H, and CM Punk's replacement opponent for John Cena, The Undertaker.

Other programs I had have been Orton/Sheamus (after Orton/Barrett), Jericho/ADR (after Jericho/Ziggler), Bryan/Mysterio (which just ended at Hell in a Cell) and others. I turned Ziggler face and gave him a new gimmick (Ric Flair's "suave") after his gimmick was growing stale (Ziggler got injured for 9 months after the change). Jericho's a face and I turned Orton heel by having him turn on Sheamus in a tag team match, setting up the rivalry.

I needed to give Cena someone to feud with as he returned, and Big Show was the only top guy not in a program already, so I had to put him in there with Cena at this point. All the stories (HHH/Lesnar, Punk/Taker and Cena/Show) tie together though. I ended the first two at Hell in a Cell though.

Right now, my programs look like this:

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H & Rey Mysterio
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
Big Show vs. John Cena

Kane vs. Wade Barrett (these two work awesome together in matches)
Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio
Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix

and I'm about to turn Miz face. He's been in a program with Christian, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry over the Intercontinental Championship since I started the game. The Miz just recently cost Mark Henry the championship to Christian, so I'm going to start the babyface turn from there.

Current Champions:
WWE Champion - CM Punk
World Champion - Sheamus
Intercontinental Champion - Christian
United States Champion - Tyson Kidd (he and Cesaro are in a mini-program for it right now)
Divas Champion - Beth Phoenix
Tag Team Champions - Kingston/Truth (I actually care about tag teams in MY WWE)
How do we get the current rosters?

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