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08-01-2012, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Because the Hawks would be a wreck without Bolland and Hjalmarsson. The Canucks would matchup better against Chicago after this deal then they do right now.

Look no further than the Hawks record against us with and without Bolland in the lineup to see what this move does to them. Their centre depth with Bolland is poor. As is their defense depth with Hjalmarsson.

Luongo didn't outperform the collective work of Khabibulin, Niemi and Crawford in our last 3 head to head matchups with the Hawks. Wouldn't be worried about him significantly outplaying Schneider if we meet again. Certainly not enough to overcome our massive edge up the middle of the ice and on defense.

Luongo can only do so much if he plays in front of a club with poor team defense. That's the position he would find himself in Chicago, especially if Bolland is out of the mix.

This move fills one of their holes while opening up a couple more. This move fills a major hole in Vancouver while not taking anything away from our starting lineup. Big difference there.

The question then becomes - why would the Hawks give us such a valuable skater that fills a massive organizational need? One that dominates us in head to head matchups...
It's easier to find 3rd liners and 3rd pairing dmen then it is to find star players. If we deal Luongo to Chicago without getting a star player back, then Chicago will find a way to fill out their depth, and then they will be a team full of stars, with depth, and with a star goalie. It would not be a good thing.

Not to mention if we give up a star goalie for a third liner we lose the trade big time, imo, regardless of the fact that it's Chicago.

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