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Originally Posted by Fedz View Post
Why should there be though? Having fans rate a teams prospect pool is just as much an inexact science as having scouts rank these same players. If we asked 100 different NHL scouts to rank, or heck even just every scout in the Canucks organization I bet we'd see every single list look differently.

The word 'prospect' stands for the 'outlook of the future.'

This is the nature of the beast, but in my opinion just because Sweatt played a few games in the NHL already it doesn't mean his career has a better prospect than Labate's does.

That's the beauty of doing a random fan vote is you get everyone's singular opinion ranked into a vote, providing us with our final ranking.
Why not? Currently HF has a system in place that already accounts for ceiling and probability of reaching it. However, the issue fans sometimes have with it is that either:

a) The ceiling of the player is inaccurate.
b) Their likelihood of reaching their potential is also off.

I'm sure if we did a consensus - i.e vote - on these we'd have a much more accurate picture. These polls get burned through pretty quick anyway. Certainly a much more 'systematic' way of doing things rather than relying on gut feelings for prospects deeper in the pool who we don't have as much of a clear-cut picture of.

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