Thread: Speculation: Dion Phaneuf's next contract?
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08-01-2012, 01:16 AM
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Bingo! If we lost Dion we would be losing a huge part of our D moving forward. With this now RC's team I think you will see a few guys take their game to a higher level, most notably Dion and dare I say it, Komi. (yea, i said it lol) Dions contract if fair for what he brings as the leader in points by a dman and in minutes played, tough minutes to, against the other teams best. Not to mention being the captain of a original 6 team and all that entails. I would like to see him less on the pk and get him down to around 25 mins a game most nights, just think under RC's system Dion would need more energy and dropping his minutes by one or 2 per night could really benefit him, especially down the stretch in late winter.

For all the bs some so called Leafs fans give this guy, he is a above average D man in the NHL and like the poster i quoted says, just needs some supporting guys to help out the D. With that said, unless a major major fall off, he will get $7-7.5 his next contract for 5-6 years based on the current cba and the way contract$ have gone insane.
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Never did I mention Dion's leadership capabilities or made excuses for it since I see nothing wrong with his captaincy. You probably missed reading the entire thread or conveniently missed it, but how you and the other poster can draw the conclusion this post was about making excuses for Dion's Captaincy is a mystery to me? It simply states he needs better support around him.

You may think Grabo is equal to Bergeron or Recchi in the leadership dept, and I will tell you you are sniffing the pipe. Got it now? Or do you still see cobwebs?

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