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08-01-2012, 01:24 AM
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I don't understand why people are insisting that players who clearly couldn't make the cut for Van (St. Louis excluded) have a chance of making it for Sochi. Frankly, the only reason I'm giving St. Louis a chance (aside from his skill) is b/c Yzerman is probably picking the team...the same Yzerman who has fawned extensively over Eberle, Hall, and Nuge.

I think to the extent ppl are cut are don't return from the Van team, they'll be replaced by younger, not older players.

Whoever asked what would happen if we don't have NHL in Sochi - it will likely be our WJC team - a more interesting question is, if the NHL won't stop play for Sochi, can teams still release players (in the same way that NHL teams can release players to WJC if they feel like it)

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pretty much everyone. crosby, toews, giroux, stamkos, tavares, nash, staal, staal, richards, perry, getzlaf, eberle, hall, rnh, skinner, benn, bergeron, seguin, iginla, my cat, my grandma, me (but NOT Neal).
Your point being what? You think Sharp would make the team before Nash, Staal, Staal, Richards, RNH, and Benn? Um, not likely.

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