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Originally Posted by svat View Post
of course it's impressive, but good players have a 'tendency' to score big goals. It's because they are, you know, good. Eberle was a great player on those teams, so it's not surprising he scored those two goals (combination of being good and lucky though).

but, the question most people who question the 'clutch' gene would like answered, and since you clearly believe in it, and it being a repeatable ability, why do players like eberle not use that clutchness to always score big goals? if it is an ability you are saying he intrinsically has, then why does he not just utilize in the last minute of every game?
Did you really just ask why Eberle doesn't score a goal every time he wants to? Clutch is legitimate, some people perform better under pressure than others. That's all it is. Eberle is obviously one of those guys who does so. But its...just dumb... to think that anyone can score every time they want to or try to.

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