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08-01-2012, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by icebank_miceelf View Post
Love Alfie, really happy he's coming back next year. With all the young talent in Ottawa's lineup, I think he'll be a nice calming influence in the dressing room, and a great role model of how to be a professional in Ottawa and the NHL in general.

(water bottles beware!!! of course this was after taking a hit on a play that i'm pretty sure he made a big mistake on, but it's still not a professional response. if somebody who i looked up to as my captain did something like that it certainly wouldn't boost my outlook on things)

(allegedly he was just trying to dump the puck without looking. personally don't buy it, but it's not an impossible scenario)

he's def a great hockey player outside of his temper in recent years and regardless he is a huge boost to the sens and the nhl. idk that i'd say he's a role model since the neidermeyer incident--but of course that depends if you felt he meant to do it or not.

either way this is an absolutely huge plus for the sens. despite the occasional temper tantrum he is easily my favorite player on that team. big grats. i'm glad he's not retiring. guy still has a lot left in the tank and can be an impact. one of your better guys in the playoffs for sure.

def a plus that you guys don't need to replace him

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