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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
It's more than just fans that value top prospects, it's the GM's as well. There's a reason Bjugstad is apparently the sticking point and Tallon won't let him go.

How many 30 + year olds did the Canucks have on their list of players they would accept in return for Cody Hodgson?

I would take Bolland and Hjalmarsson for Luongo in a heartbeat. That's an excellent deal for us.

What part of this are you not understanding? (from

"now we've heard that the Canucks were offered Bolland, and walked away from the deal."

If Gillis thought as you did, Lu would already be gone for Bolland. What now?

On your question about Hodgson: What prime PFs are moving for Hodgson? Edit: saw others already put this question out there.

No kidding, GMs value prospects. No revelation there. But in what sensible world is a prospect worth an elite NHL player right now? Did Erixon not just get traded in a package for Nash? Teams know when they deal assets like Lu, they are taking on the lesser return, not the other way around. A prospect =/= NHL player.

Bjugstad is not an NHL player. The pros get their flaws picked apart. Have to endure teams scouting their weaknesses. Have to constantly adjust. NB is a dream right now. He's the perfect, realized version of himself that fans are holding onto, and it skews values to a ridiculous degree... Soft as butter... skating issues... but no one says anything about that. Curious no? Hell, I'm sure Shawn Matthias was thought of as a future PF C hall of famer at one point. The NHL has a way of knocking expectations down. Bjugstad has yet to feel that, truly. Potential is a great thing.

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