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08-01-2012, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by John Swartzwelder View Post
Interesting that Sauve and Sweatt, some of the few prospects that have played in the NHL, are not getting picked.

I guess the sexy new guys are more impressive to some fans, though.
This is because both guys - especially Sweatt - look to be plateauing is average-ish AHL players who have little chance of being quality contributors at the NHL level for this franchise.

Sweatt is already 24, and is a 35-point player in the AHL. After his rookie season, you hoped maybe he could break through to become a Hansen-type 3rd line winger, but that simply didn't happen and he regressed if anything. Looked smaller than his listed size and completely mediocre in his callup last year. Easily pushed off the puck and out of the play.

Sauve is a defensive defender who struggles making decisions and reading the play defensively. That's not a promising situation, although he at least is a couple years younger than Sweatt so has a bit more time.


As for the voting here, really a toss-up at this point - McNally/Labate/Mallet are really hard to rank against each other because they all play different positions at different amateur levels and appear to be similar-level prospects.

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