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Originally Posted by hockeydoug View Post
I'm not missing the point, I don't want Bolland to move to 2C. With so many moving parts on the roster as it is, I don't need to see Bolland messed up too. I don't project him to be much more effective offensively against better defensive units and I think Boyle at 3c makes that line less dynamic as he's not going to create much at all offensively. So many people like to make some sort of linear projection of offense from 3rd line to 2nd or 1st and I don't like those projections in most cases, especially for an focused defensive player like Bolland.

I think all he does is improve the 3rd line. If I had confidence in Bolland moving up and that being an effective solution to the 2c issue, I would be enthusiastic about this hypothetical trade proposal.
I also disagree about the forward depth being the weakest part of the team, I was far more concerned with blueline as a group (talent wise) than I was the forwards. I thought the forwards' main issue was taking shifts off and bad decisions with the puck, things Boyle doesn't help out much with.

I'm not sure, and this is another reason why I would wait on a trade of a good asset for a bottom six forward. We don't even know if they'll have a pk system that's worth anything, so I don't care who they plug in with the forwards yet.

If your assumptions about Bolland's and Boyle's effectiveness are true without the negative consequences, I would agree with you. I just don't project those two that way.
What a rambling non-nonsensical post. Anyway...

-You complain about moving parts in the offense. Well it's because we don't have a consistent 2C, this does that.

-You complain Boyle wouldn't generate as much offense as Bolland on the 3rd line. Who cares? This spreads scoring among the 2nd and 3rd line and people need to get away from the idea that all 4 lines should be filled with the players who will simply score the most all other factors not considered.

-Bolland not able to handle 2C? Seems like you ignored everything I said: 30% offensive zone starts, Bickell and Frolik to Sharp and Hossa, etc. and he'll easily put up 55 points. That's more than enough.

-I said the weakest part of our forwards is center depth, not the team in general.

-So since the PK system sucks which shouldn't go out and try to acquire good PKers, especially if it helps take pressure off two stars who had major head injuries last year?

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