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12-03-2003, 04:16 AM
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This is a pretty good thread. Good points on both side.

I think the main problem with the Oilers is simply that they are not winning. It's the same here in on Ottawa radio and further proves that the game of hockey is ONLY about winning and losing. I'm not gonna pretend that I can disect a team's issues or problems like G2K or Dawgbone 'cuz I can't. But ***** man, If the Oilers play bad and somehow win, the mistakes they made may come out but it's no big deal- "Bah, they won. Yes!" If the Oilers play well and lose (like against Colorado, 41 shots and SJ , 36 shots), the fans go crazy. Again, it's all about winning and losing. The fact that we are blaming coaches, goalies, 6th defensemen, 4th line forwards, etc is, IMO, a product of the team losing. Doesn't matter if they deserved to win last Friday and Sunday, they lost.

Now, I'm gonna sit nicely perched on the fence with this one. There's an old saying that coaches don't win or lose games, players do. In the Oilers' case, I think it's been a mixture. I think the players have done some right things but they haven't scored. I also think the players have made bonehead plays, bad giveways among other things. The horrible PP can be a mixture of both bad coaching and bad player decisions. I never understood what the coaches are trying to make the players do on the PP. It just looks extremely unorganized. And don't want to hear anything about "Well they practice the PP every day". Well, if your PK unit is just as bad, how good of a practice can the powerplay unit get.

I think every one should be accountable, the players and the coaches.

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