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08-01-2012, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by tsujimoto74 View Post
The only roster player we traded for a pick was Gaustad. As a rental. At the deadline.
I think it's a misconception that we're rebuilding (I guess HF logic is you're either a contender or you're rebuilding...Or you're the Flames), but really what Regier did was retool and inject the team with more youth, while stocking the cupboards a bit for the future.
Yeah, a retool is a better word than rebuild. We never expected/don't expect to miss the playoffs. It might still happen, but we're not accepting that as a foregone conclusion.

Before we managed to pull off the Hodgson trade, and even after that before we managed to draft two centers in the top half of the first round including Grigorenko, most would have been on board with trading a core player to draft a young stud center. That would be a classic rebuilding move, even if we're not doing an overall rebuild of our roster - and even if we didn't end up doing it, because we got lucky in a trade and the draft. Now that we have our young top six centers and our most tradeable core player has been traded, most would be against further moves like that. That's what I mean by we're past that stage.


Not a single Sabres fan would agree to McNabb for Bailey. You're wasting your time right now.

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