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04-24-2006, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by The Real
First things first, NWO, 260+ penalty minutes lead me to believe he was a goon. I saw no skill in his play what so ever, in fact I watched him try to start three fights and get penalized all three times. You can define goon anyway you want but a guy who gets three penalties for trying to start fights in a playoff game is a goon to me.

If you read my post with your eyes rather than thinking of some slimy snap back you would have seen I already said we haven't been there in 5 years. You blab facts about a Buffalo franchise that I'm the expert in...not you. I wasn't attacking anyone personally, I was saying have fun don't be so condescending with the immature posts. Read better next time...

Second this thread is because I read these boards over the past week and tried to fine some good debates. Yet 99% make excuses and then belittle Buffalo. I think that is silly and I don't see the point. If you want I'll start posting the links from the past threads and you can read them yourself. They read like this... 'Forsberg is god, Esche will have 100 saves tonight*skip to the 3rd period* Man Buffalo sucks. I've driven by it once... I can see from the 90 it's total crap!'

I invite any of you to Buffalo for a night on the Real. I'll show you alot of fun and entertainment for an incredibly great value. Heck with 100 dollars in your hand you can party endlessly. I've been to Philadelphia and New York and Boston. 100 bucks gets you and your date through the front door a beer and that frickin mixed crap that she drinks.

All I'm saying is you guys should be having fun with this. 1975 PEOPLE! Until we win a championship thats all I'm going to hear from you guys and the two idiots I went to college with from Philly. You have won major championships. You aren't ever in danger of losing your franchise in any sport. We are, every year. Buffalo is blue collar just like Philly and that's the truth.

Embrace the rivalry... It's more fun to ride the ups and downs of the playoffs...

that is an inspiring post and all, but one person said something about buffalo being a bad city. I don't think most of us care at all. I dont. Right now im concerned with the fact that your hockey team is immensely better than ours

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