Thread: Speculation: Dion Phaneuf's next contract?
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08-01-2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Leafs24Seven View Post
For all the bs some so called Leafs fans give this guy, he is a above average D man in the NHL and like the poster i quoted says, just needs some supporting guys to help out the D.
How many people are saying he is a bad defenseman?

It is okay to acknowledge players have weaknesses. It actually makes no sense to believe they are perfect or get your shorts in a knott when those weaknesses are pointed out.

I don't think it is a newsflash to acknowledge Phaneuf makes mistakes on the ice, that he isn't the smartest defender in the league. IMO he isn't the smartest defender by a long shot on the Leafs, but he is probably the best defenseman at this time. His physical tools make up for his non-physical tools.

It would be great if the Leafs could bring in a better defender, or a equal defender and take some of the load off Phaneuf, who looked finished before the season ended this year. A lot of pressure on a player without the experience to handle being Captain and dealing with such a poor team. Has Phaneuf ever been on a team this bad? I'm not sure, but I'd guess his teams until arriving in Toronto were decent, or at least competitive.

Phaneuf is a fine defenseman.

Originally Posted by Leafs24Seven View Post
With that said, unless a major major fall off, he will get $7-7.5 his next contract for 5-6 years based on the current cba and the way contract$ have gone insane.
It is possible Phaneuf lands this type of contract, but it might depend on the new CBA.

My concern with this type of contract is how much would you have to pay a better defender if you gave Phaneuf this much? Keith makes 8 million, but that's on a front loaded contract.

He'll be 29 starting his next contract, 6 years to age 35. I just think 7 million is going to be too much for a 34 year Phaneuf, when Rielly is going to need his 2nd. contract before Phaneuf's is done (again depending on CBA).

Maybe if they front load the deal, and his salary is around 4.5 the last couple years, so that he could be moved if necessary at that time.


Overpay the first 2 years, for a lower last 2 years.


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