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08-01-2012, 08:35 AM
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I think the modern offseason demands on athletes are unfair.

When you were off from school during the summers, did you study? Its the last thing I would do. When you are on vacation from your job, are you focused every day on keeping your mind or body sharp for when you get back to work? There are things more important in life than working when not at work.

I have heard it in football mostly but 25+ years ago, camp was to get players into shape.

I am not certain but I believe many of the most entertaining sporting events I ever witnessed were from the era's when players didnt do dick during the offseasons. Bally's was a casino. Players were allowed to be people during time off.

These guys play a rough sport that may even end their lives prematurely. They need time off. Look at the concussion suit against the NFL. You wanted Rypien lifting weights and on a treadmill all summer, but he was eating aspirin.

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